Specsavers: UK’s Optical Retail Chain


A well-known UK optical retail chain called Specsaversis booming with its health services and products. Read thoroughly this article to know what The UK Time has articulated for you guys. 

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How Can You Find a Store of Specsavers?

Although its headquarters are in Saint Andrew, Guernsey, you can use the official website to search ‘Specsavers near me’. On this page, there is a search bar where the user can input the location. For this purpose, you should type town or postcode.

If you cannot find it manually, ‘Specsavers near me’, click on the ‘use my location’. It will fetch your exact location and illustrate a list of its closest stores. 

Moreover, there is also a link that lists every store without a search bar. The page divides into classifications like East England opticians, East Midlands opticians, Greater London opticians, and North East opticians.

There are also hearing centers in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and South East.

We chose Amersham and looked at the opening hours.

What Types of Specsavers Glasses at the Website?

According to its official website, there are several sorts of Specsavers glasses for women, unisex, men, and kids. Let us commence with prescription glasses which include aviator style, cat eye, round, square, cubmaster style, and metal frame. 

Moreover, via the link we just inserted, you can search for glasses via brand, color, type, and more. For instance, the types are designer, sunglasses, and optical. The brands encompass Aurora, Disney, Gant, Karen Millen, Jeff Banks, HUGO, French Connection, Design Collective, and Comfit.

The glasses have black, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, yellow, bronze, brown, clear, and gold.

What Is the Summary of a Specsavers Eye Test?

The prime purpose of a Specsavers eye test is to determine the health of your eyes. This step is the base of indication of whether you require glasses or not. An eye test also detects eye conditions. 

We would like to mention some of the conditions. Cataracts, chalazion, cloudy vision, blurry vision, color blindness, corneal ulcers, dry eye syndromes, and eye twitching are some of the things that can be found. The site suggests that you have a test after 2 years.

However, the kids should have an eye test every year. Specsavers also mentioned the particular traits of people due to which they are more prone to eye issues. For example, someone who is 60 or above years old, or even 40, can face these challenges. 

Glaucoma can cause issues easily in the future. The people who are in this spectrum should have their eye tests done by the opticians. There are multiple steps to a single test.

Symptoms, eye conditions history, medications, and general health are encompassed by the foremost. The patients have to go through the tests. There are eye pressure tests, digital retinal photography, and autorefractor test.

The main tests will be followed by the test. There are a lot of things that can be done, for instance, a retinoscopy, Ophthalmoscope, slit lamp test, and visual field check. The last step is a summary of what the eye doctor did.

The doctor will guide you on how to read the prescription once you receive it.

What Are the Specsavers Offers?

Specsavers offers are on glasses, lenses, contact lenses, and hearing. For instance, there is an offer encapsulated 69 pounds in which a customer can get two glasses for one. 

If a person purchases a pair of 69 pounds or above, there is a free varifocal lens. You can get glasses starting at 19 pounds.

Thin lens are free with what you bought. Students can receive a discount. The discount is applicable to designer glasses. Kids can get the UK filter feature from the price range of 64 to 89 pounds.

What Are the Specsavers Hearing Products?

There is a multitude of Specsavers products offering hearing aid. For instance, there are invisible hearing aids, digital hearing aid ranges, Bluetooth hearing aids, and rechargeable hearing aids.

“It’s best range is from 499 pounds. The rechargeable range starts at 995 pounds. It has brands in the hearing range.”

The technical names of the aids are receiver in the canal, behind the ear, in the ear, completely in the canal and instant fit and invisible in the canal. rechargeable batteries, sound filters, and apps are included.

Does It Offer Home Visits as Well?

Yes. The procedure is used to perform the test. When an eye doctor arrives at your door, you might see another person. During this time, he or she will be an assistant.

They will find the best area to perform the test once they enter the house. They will ask about eye conditions, symptoms, and medications in the beginning. This is the same as the overview we gave previously.

Different kinds of tests are offered by the home visits. The pressure in your eyes can be checked. After the test there is a selection of glasses. The company takes 14 days to completely make these glasses.

In the end, they will decide if you need home visits in the future or not.

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