All Points East: The UK Time Guide to London’s Annual Music Festival 2021


If music connects to the soul then a festival like All Points East 2021.

Music ceremonies or festivals accumulate joy and connection. They help to cope with stress and to learn creative amusements. There are significant reasons why the world honors musicians. Therefore, everyone is seen today plugging earphones to listen to songs.

The UK has many different music genres. All Points East brings variety to the table. The UK Time shows the key points of the annual ceremony.

The answers to frequently asked questions like All Points East end date are also discussed.

What is All Points East?

All Points East is an annual music festival in London and AEG runs the festival. There are other entertainment factors included as well in 10 days of festivities. Like, there are community activities and headline shows.

Its origin is not very long ago. The first All Points East fiesta took place.

The team has a bigger responsibility to keep everything intact, according to the official website. They work to maintain order.

The purpose of community activities is to serve society. It is all about giving and benefiting others. A festival like All Points East 2021 comprising such responsibility is an act of care.

Where is All Points East?

Victoria Park is where the All Points East festival is held.

“Victoria Park is also called People’s Park. East London in England is where it is located. The most visited green place in the city is this one.”

The All Points East festival is held at Victoria Park every year.

9 million visitors visit the park annually. It has been serving the world with 213 acres of land since 1845.

The park has a lot of public facilities. The cafes and playground are examples. The cafes are named The Park Café and The Pavilion Café. There are open grassland and sporting facilities nearby. The audience can enjoy the historic artifacts.

“Victoria Park is a popular venue for many other concerts. It’s close to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The park hosted an event during the Olympics.”

The All Points East Festival will be held in 2021. It has the same answer.

What is new All Points East Festival 2021?

The activities of the new festival are similar to those of the older events. The August bank holiday will cause it to slim down.

The All Points East date is in August. The event started on the 24th of May and concluded on the 2nd of June.

The celebrations began on the 25th of May at the first show. The show never happened in 2020 because of COVID 19.

For the year 2021, there are many headliners. Foals, Kano, Jorja Smith, Bombay Bicycle Club are some of the names. Jamie xx, Slowthai, London Grammar, and Caribou are all related. Gangs of Youths, Little Simz, and Celeste are in the headliners lineup.

The All Points East lineup will be on display for three days, the 27th of August, 28th of August and 30th of August. Enny, Kelly Lee Owens, Eloise, and Sad Night Dynamite are some of the names in the lineups.

The All Points East lineup has HAAi, Romy, Arlo Parks, Q, Nadine Shah, and Octo Octa.

How much are All Points East tickets in 2021?

The All Points East ticket price is between 60 and 70 pounds. There are websites that show price details. The costs at almost every website are different. For instance, it costs 59.95 pounds to initiate.

The starting price for Points East tickets is79.05 pounds. The starting price is 63.25 pounds. Before buying the ticket, make sure to check any additional fees.

There are altered All Points East tickets according to the website. General admission, primary entry, zapp VIP, zapp view, viewing platform, and ground level viewing area are some examples.

  • General admission helps with essential. You have access to a lot of food. The main area has toilets for visitors.
  • Primary entry tickets are a little advanced. General Admission ticket holders can enter the location half an hour earlier.
  • The entry to the lanes is offered by Zapp VIP. You can access All Points. This category will be served with luxurious seating and delicious food. The customers enjoy the DJ music.
  • The perfect ticket to purchase is the ZappVIP View, which allows for a view of the standing area. You can enjoy the East Stage performances whenever you please. Customers can move to the General Admission section if they leave this area. Quality food and a bar are included.
  • A viewing platform ticket can be bought for disabled individuals. How much do tickets to All Points East cost? You can look at the websites for price information. A free Personal Assistant Pass can be obtained with the viewing platform classification. A special lane is used to enter the General Admission category. The bars and food are available for the ticket holders. The platform will have chairs provided by the staff. The proof of disability needs to be submitted before anything else.
  • The Ground Level viewing area ticket is beneficial for the disabled. If you want to stand in a less crowded area, go for the reservation. Many of the amenities are similar to the viewing platform ticket. access to toilets at every toilet block, availability of chairs, and free Personal Assistant Pass are some of the things that can be done.

DICE, See Tickets, Gigantic, and Festicket are authorized ticket agents.

What time does All Points East Finish in 2021?

The finishing time of All Points East festivities 2021 is midnight, 23:00 BST on the 30th of August. The reported starting time is afternoon, after 12 BST.

The All Points East ends on the 30th of August.

“The field day will start at 12 noon. It’s possible to enjoy a concert and watch community activities at the same time.”

There is time required for the last entry. The box office is closing at 8 pm. The gates will not open again until at least 9:00 pm. The site needs to be reached before this time.

“You should schedule your fixed entry time once you know the All East 2021. You aren’t allowed to re-admission after entering the place. The All Points East start date is August 27th.”

Can I bring food to All Points East?

Food is not allowed at this concert. You can take water with certain limitations. There are plastic water bottles or containers. 500 liter is the maximum volume that can be used.

You can find a lot of food at licensed bars. There is more than one type of drink. Wine, beer, and soft drinks are included.

The variation of food items is helpful. The customers with allergies should contact the customer service agents.

The water is free and easy to find.

Can you buy weekend tickets for the All Points festival?

Yes, you are able. Look at the authorized ticket agents before you do.

Do you need cash for All Points East?

You will have to pay for food or other facilities.

chips and pin payments can be made at the food points and concessions. You can pay with the method of payment. The site has no ATMs.

How many people at All Points East 2021 arrived?

It is still being determined. Up to 40,000 attendees were recorded in history. It was May of 2019.

Does All Points East even provide medication storage?

There is a First Aid point at the venue You can keep your medications away from each other. Bring your medicine. If you have allergies, let your friends or peers know. The medication has to be administered by you.

Will All Points East 2021 festival facilitate with seats and shades?

“The disabled people are not allowed to stand in the concert. Food points have seats available. The official staff won’t provide shading or shielding against the weather.”

Take along the protective essentials if you want to know the weather forecast for All Points East. Like, waterproof coats or sunscreen.

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